July 20th, 2018


Located just minutes from the heart of the Village of Kleinburg, New Kleinburg is one of the GTA's most anticipated releases of 2018. This isn't just because of its amazing location, beautiful community plan and spectacular home designs either!

Of course, all of that is important, but one thing that has caught many prospective buyers' attention is that New Kleinburg is a continuation born from the developers of Kleinburg's most loved master-planned community, Impressions.

New Kleinburg has its own name because we've added two new builders to the community, and because of the spectacular collection of all-new modern luxury home designs. However, in many respects, New Kleinburg will also be continuing the grand community vision of the original Impressions community.

Impressions opened in 2013 to wide acclaim from local homebuyers. In fact, the initial phase was such a success, it led to Impressions winning the People's Choice Award at the 2014 BILD Awards!

Homebuyers have loved Impressions from the very start because of its thoughtful approach to community design. Here, you can find 70 acres of parks and greenspace, a new community school, and breathtaking homes ideally situated on peaceful streets and crescents.

Over 1,500 families have already moved into their Impressions homes, so the community is already gaining a mature, welcoming feel after just a few short years.

At New Kleinburg, you'll be able to enjoy all the wonderful parks, greenspace and amenities of Impressions, while also having your choice of an incredible selection of all-new home designs from 5 of the GTA's most respected builders.

We'll be sharing more about what makes New Kleinburg so special in future posts, so please stay tuned!

New Kleinburg is the continuation of
the award-winning Impressions Community.

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