New Kleinburg Talk A Walk Through Time In Kleinburg

August 29th, 2018


Kleinburg is really hitting its stride. With its abundance of unique boutique shops filled with treasures and eclectic pieces, quaint restaurants and amenities, there’s nothing you can’t find in this town.

In 1848, John Nicholas Kline established what would become Kleinburg. The land was divided into smaller plots to encourage the establishment of a village core. This also enabled the town, with a growing number of mills to serve more than just the local farming community. The town became a bit of a commercial centre.

Over the next thirty years the town grew to include many impressive businesses for the time, to compliment the mills, including: a tanner, a tailor, a chemist, a cabinet maker, an insurance agent, a butcher, a doctor, two hotels, a church and a school.

Beyond its own industry, Kleinburg also became a popular resting stop for travelers between Toronto and Barrie.

Between its humble beginnings and the current boom, one festival has remained a constant in Kleinburg, The Binder Twine Festival. Its history goes back to the 1890's when a local twine producer would thank his clients for buying the twine they used to tie their wheat from him by taking them for dinner. Over the years this simple act of appreciation has transformed into a wonderful fall festival. Filled with games, food and entertainment, it is one event on the calendar that all locals look forward to eagerly all year.

From its quaint beginnings as an 83-acre mill town to it’s wonderful present life as a beautiful modern village, it’s always been a wonderful place for families to live and grow.

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